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Jyrki V.

41160 Tikkakoski, Finland

$600 - $900 / Day


Im a photographer and videographer from Finland. Ive worked as a professional freelance press photographer since 1983. Currently my main focus is on video productions. I co-own a media company Media Road Service MRS Ltd ( together with a freelancer journalist Maria Markus. The company produces video and multimedia as well as traditional print media material. We are passionate about storytelling, especially the stories we find on the road, as we love to travel and meet people. Now were heading to Kenya and Ireland to film our next story. We want to tell stories about people. Stories that show the richness of human life, and that really, reality can be more magical than fairy tales. We want to show the variety of ways of living, around the world as well as in my own Nordic neighborhoods. If those stories could even have a positive flow and tone, wed feel that weve done something right.

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  • 4K Camera
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