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Oriol A.

Barcelona, Spain

$250 - $450 / Day


I am a journalist, documentary filmmaker and TV producer, mainly covering Europe and the Middle East. Currently based in Barcelona, I specialized on international politics and social issues, with a focus on human rights, migrations, social movements and peace and conflict resolution. I was based in Beirut from 2013 until 2021. I was the DP, editor and co-producer for TV3, the Catalan leading TV channel, covering breaking news in Lebanon, Syria and across the Middle East, and producing long form documentaries for its various programs. That gave me the opportunity to cover some of the main recent events in the region such as the war against ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria, the conflict in Gaza, Erdogan’s grip on power in Turkey, elections in Israel and the wave of social movements against corruption and failing governments in Lebanon and Iraq. I was also the Middle East stringer for Cadena SER (2017-2021), Spanish leading radio station, producing news reports and feature audio pieces for all its programs. My works has been also published and broadcasted in Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle TV, Middle East Eye, Ruptly TV, Inter Press Service News, Afkar/Ideas magazine and, among others. I’ve also produced narrative content as a video journalist and photographer for NGOs such as Oxfam, International Rescue Committee and Terre des Hommes Italy. I’m the co-founder of Contrast Journalist Group, a journalistic organisation that advocates that journalism has a social role and is a tool for societal transformation. At Contrast we have produced several documentaries on the post-war social, economical and political effects in Colombia, Africa or the Balkans. Since 2011, I've been the international editor for Directa magazine, an independent and cooperative investigative media based in Barcelona. I graduated with a BS in Journalism and a Master in Creative Documentary by University Pompeu Fabra. I also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Conflicts and Peace Communication. My work has been awarded twice the Joan Gomis Memorial Solidarity Journalism Prize for 'The refugee Somalia', a written feature published in 2010; and for the documentary 'Lebanon. Pact of Silence', which aired in 2012.

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Documentary DP
Video Editor - News
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