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Mário B.

Porto, Portugal

$650 - $750 / Day


Mário is a freelance cinematographer based in Portugal. With a robust background as a Director and Cinematographer, he's collaborated with acclaimed music bands like Miguel Araújo, Radio Moscow, Luca Argel, and corporate giants including Super Bock, Danone, Parfois, Corticeira Amorim, and Worten. His lens has also captured compelling stories for top production companies like 313 Features, Aquele Abraço, and Blanche Films. Operating both in Portugal and abroad, Mário brings a diverse skill set to every project. Whether it's documenting live performances, sports, or crafting cinematic experiences for brands, his commitment to excellence is unwavering. Noteworthy in his portfolio are documentaries shot in premium locations like the Sahara Desert which will send you on an epic journey from Portugal to Dakar, or stories featuring prominent Portuguese artists such as César Mourão and Mimi Froes.

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  • 4K Camera

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