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Rhonda W.

Columbia, SC, USA

$250 - $1500 / Day


Twins Rhonda and Sharee Washington have two passions- producing films and introducing at-risk youth to the art of film-making. Operational since 2010, We Connected Productions, LLC. is a faith-based independent webshow, film, video production company based in Columbia, SC, co-owned by Rhonda and Sharee. Our mission is to produce faith-based, family-oriented, and educational films and video projects that illicit positive and thought-provoking content. We have an interest in the topics of healthy lifestyle, international travel, sports, and entertainment. The mission also includes introducing at-risk children to the world of film and inspiring them to tap their creative energy for artistic communication. In our short, self-funded film careers, we have written, produced, and directed four short faith-based films, and produced more than a half dozen short films, webshows, and webseries currently in various phases of production. You can view our work on our Vimeo Channel at

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