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Kelsey E.

Danbury, CT, USA


I'm an ex-communications consultant-turned freelancer. I've got loads of experience in documentary films - from short form to feature, as well as working on a number of music videos. I work mostly as an editor, but if you ask me I think editors are the real story-tellers in the film world! I've got a passion for travel, and have lived abroad in both the United Kingdom (4 years) and Norway (1 year). I love cross cultural stories, especially ones that involve art. I write for a digital film magazine called Verite ( and love the idea that learning about and experiencing art should be an open opportunity for everyone in this world - art is how we tell our stories and experience our shared histories and it couldn't be more important to living in a harmonious, multi-cultural world community. I'm currently based just outside NYC, working as a freelance editor and film journalist and constantly on the look-out for new video journalism opportunities.

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