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Im a young director, since i was 14year i have been working in diferent produccions working in diverse positions, giving me the oportunity to learn, and practice the way the movies are made. Im pasionate with my work and my dream of being part of film world, one example of my commitment is making real the project "tortugajirafa" an independent cinema, and an open space for the dissemination and exhibition of audiovisual works taking priority on local artist, giving this space that no one gives, the oportunity to see your work in big screen and make an open dialoge between artist and espectators. He have been open since 1 year ago and it have been the protagonist of a lot of events and presentations of visual works, premiers, conferences, etc Now im really interest of making movies about achivements on life, i would like to hunt storys of old people and film their point of view about life, people who are full of storys, people that where young and had dreams, and thats why i will also like to shot the contrast of this point of view, the point of view of enterprising Young people that are committed to make a change, in the present, people that are making a change in their society.

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