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Miguel M.

Algrange, France

$150 - $3000 / Day


i am young man who has ability ,common sense and sensibility to analyze, who like to observe, curious, storyteller. i have empathy to tell what happens around. i like to hunt or tell stories about politics situation, social problems, environment problems, local cultural movements, ethnics. i like to explore my self , society and the world. i like to travel and see what i cant see next to me. i study filmmaker to make conscience what is happening next to us, to show my culture and social problems and my state. so we can be a better society and look deep inside our selfs. my state and city have interest story's there i want to tell. i been in some place's around the world and my country . I arrive to think and said my state and culture doesn't have much know and a deep way sadly in my centralize country. here is a nice way so people can look what we are. with critic view so we can analyze and see that we are all humans and have the same needs. cause human needs are the same and with different culture anyway we can see our mirror and the screen, arrive to analyze our world society and our selfs to get to a human conscience, so all we can respect and live in peace.

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