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"It's all about the story," says Don Maynard, who brings his more than 20 years of award-winning, documentary-style filmmaking to the table. Working in both production management positions and creative production as producer, director and editor, and for such organizations as World Vision International, Mattel, Cohen Brown Picture Company, and Unisys, and with clients including Golden State Foods, Open Doors, Nestle, the National League for Nursing, SensorMedics, UCLA, and Global Wulfsburg Systems, Maynard has worked to creatively bring their compelling stories to the screen. Whether shooting in the Sahara desert, a state-of-the-art medical facility, rural Honduras, a high-tech manufacturing facility or a corporate boardroom, he feels equally at home. "My goal is for each project to look and feel like it has a budget way beyond what it really has." Receiving the 168 Film Festival's Best Documentary award for "The Wheelchair Angel," Maynard is most rewarded using his skills to tell the stories of those doing life-changing work.

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