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Johnny H.

Washington, DC, USA


I am filmmaker with a degree in international relations. I am French, Spanish and simple Farsi speaker. I am highly interested in international affairs. I also enjoy exploring social trends with in cities. My language skills have allowed me to connect with the latin migrant population where I live and I am highly interesting in further documenting the compelling stories on the difficult and complex immigration. I am fluent in all stages of the filmmaking process. My reasoning and writing skills allow to craft a narrative and tell a conceptual story in preproduction. my experience in DSLR filmmaking and training in cinematography/photography make a creative filmmaker, focusing on provoking angles and shots. I have a strong proficiency in non-linear editing software (Apple FCP and Adobe Premiere) as well as animation and compositing programs such as Adobe After Effects. Moreover, I am well-versed in video codecs and understand how to optimize media for dissemination on various platforms. See my website for a better look at my story telling abilities with a camera.

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