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Maplewood, NJ, USA


Hello: I am a producer based here in New Jersey and New York City. I'm interested very much in human stories with a visual spine, stories that are more evergreen than of-the-moment news type of pieces. For example? One video I produced covered a New York City cab-driver, originally from Nepal, who is taking whatever extra earnings he has and sending it to build new schools for children in Nepal. I was able to showcase him in his taxi cab, as well as showing the photos he took of the children at the school. I like stories about people passionate about what they are doing, even to the point of obsession. People who go all the way in their lives. Sometimes this can have a news value, and other times, not. I am currently a senior producer at a non-profit TV station, and am also a segment producer. I earned a graduate degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Thanks for reading. - Craig Thompson

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