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Zeynep A.

İstanbul, Türkiye

$400 - $750 / Day


I am a producer & fixer based in Istanbul, Turkey with over 20 years experience in making TV programs, documentaries, branded content and promo videos. I started my career at CNN Turk which is the Turkish spoken branch of international TV network CNN. From economy to culture and art programs, from documentaries to live broadcasts, I gained experience in producing many different genres of television programs at CNN Turk. Later, I worked for other Turkish news channels like Haberturk and TV 360. Here, I also got the chance to be in front of the camera as a correspondent and host at some programs which I enjoyed a lot. At some point of my career, I decided to quit full time jobs at TV channels and started working freelance for production companies. I worked with famous Turkish director Tolga Örnek and I prepared behind the scene documentaries and promo videos of some of his docu-dramas and feature films. Then over the years, I worked for many other production companies where I produced documentaries some of which were shot abroad. My first job as a fixer dates back to 2014 when National Geographic photographer Raul Touzon contacted me to arrange his photography workshop in Istanbul. This job made me realize how much I enjoy working with people from various countries. So since then I mostly prefer working as a producer / fixer for international crews. I’ve worked with many different crews such as journalists, documentary producers and photographers and looking forward to working with more. If you are planning to shoot in Turkey, be it a documentary, a travel show, commercial, TV or a newspaper report or photography, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will be delighted to assist with all your filming needs from pre-production (initial research/ recce / equipment rental/ filming permits) to shooting. I can recommend locations and storylines, with excellent network of contacts, I can find the contributors and experts you need, provide professional interpretation, and of course coordinate all the usual transport and accommodation logistics. Due to Covid-19, if you don’t prefer to come to Turkey, I can follow your brief, hire the necessary crew and equipment and get the shoot done for you with the hightest production standards. Looking forward to working with you soon.

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