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Zoraida E.

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


I born in Barcelona in 1980, still in my childhood I started to reveal interest in the image. From an autodidactic way I improved it through the experimentation of analog photography. Between photographic shots I lost my camera and I continued to taking photographs by my imagination. During this time I started a short career as a volcanologist which permitted me to travel through South America, Macaronésic islands and Indonesia, picking up images in her note taking. Later, I decided to initiate in the audiovisual world to enrich and record my own visual exposure of the reality, because, for me, the camera represents a transitional object between my being and my environment. For me picture remains the moment, while cinematography expands our field of perception, broadening the attention of our senses and e and enriching the reality of our sensations. So in 2010 I decided to overturn professionally and I enter to the audiovisual world. In 2012 created with musical producer Paolo Piras, the aZAs collective.Currently working with documentaries, conducting projects where social themes are developed from an experimental standpoint.

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