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Jaka T.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


I'm a ba journalism with 20 years of experience in the business. For certain circumstances most of my work has been devoted to press (I have been editor-in-chief of The Slovenia Times for 9 years), but video remains my passion and a matter of interest. I'm no stranger to camera and digital editing. My beginnings were with a local TV station, in the past few years I made several video features for the local web TV called Unfortunately the project has been cancelled (along with my references there). I can cover basically anything that fits into your editorial concept. I also created and wrote stories for animated children series (available from 2013). I live in Slovenia, but can hunt down anything that happens in the radius of 500 km (that includes most of the former Yugoslavia). I have a nose for a good story, or let's say attracting the global audience to this part of the world. For the unfortunate disappearance of my reference clips, I'm ready to contribute a trial story for you - if interested, of course.

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