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Luke H.

Bắc Ninh, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam

$150 - $10000000 / Day


Cape Town based Videographer and Locations Permits Manager travelling between Muizenberg - Mozambique to Mauritius. My style focuses around creating contemporary art via cinematography I get out and about - doing scenic Table Mountain hiking shoots, submerged adventures in the Atlantic Ocean and anything in between. Capturing all angles with my latest 360 camera, there is no stop to me! I edit my own footage, write my own music scores and have my own transport too.

Top Services

Creative Director
News Shooter / Video Journalist
Immersive/Spatial Video Capture

Top Projects



  • 4K video camera
  • Multiple cameras
  • GoPro or equivalent
  • Drone


  • External recorder


  • Live streaming equipment

All Services

Production Support

  • Production Assistant
  • Audio Storyteller
  • Commercial DP
  • Drone Operator
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist

Post Production

  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary


  • Creative Director
  • Fixer