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Willa K.

New York, NY, USA


Willa Kammerer is a freelance video and multimedia producer and editor based in Portland, Maine and New York City. A graduate of Middlebury College, Willa studied the craft of radio at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and brings a knack for storytelling and strong documentary sensibility to all of her work. Though Willas background is in journalism, she likes to think of herself as more of a collaborator with the people in her stories than an emotionally removed documentarian. Willa works one-on-one with her clientscorporations, nonprofits, schools, and individualsto find, refine, and tell their stories in a way that is eloquent, genuine and compelling. Willas projects are diverse and wide-ranging, including a series of profiles on alumni for a prestigious college, branding and bio videos for an architecture firm, ads for a political site and for an outdoor apparel company, and book trailers. Depending on the needs and scope of each individual project, Willa works both independently and with a handful of trusted collaborators to realize her clients' visions for every project. I love profiles, telling stories about people; food, travel, craft, DIY, environment.

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