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Alice R.

State of São Paulo, Brazil


I am an independent filmmaker from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Cinema and Social Sciences, post graduated in Anthropology/Brazilian Studies. Since 2008, I make documentaries for TV, web and cinema. My films surround themes as human rights, poverty, and popular culture. I directed and produced two medium length and six short length documentaries. “Dialogues”, about iniciatives of integration between jews and arabs in Palestine/Israel, got the prize of Best Film in Cinesul Festival, 2012, Brazil. “Freestyle City”, about rappers freestyling about the city they live in, got the prize of Best Film in Visões Perifericas Festival, 2013, Brazil, and was selected for more than 20 festivals, as Sao Paulo Intl Fest (BR), Mostra Tiradentes (BR), Femina Fest (BR), Mostra Arariboia (BR), Festival Internacional de Cortos de La Plata (ARG). I produce documentaries for important independent journalism Brazilian medias, and was selected four times to TV Futura (BR, cable) to produce short docs.

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