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Nevena B.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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A freelance journalist, born in 1987 and based in Bulgaria. Contributes to different international media outlets and media projects related to social and public issues, social development, the Balkans, culture, etc. Contributor to the Bulgarian daily online newspaper, Bulgarian online portal for non-governmental organizations and international media platforms Global Voices,, Equal Times, etc. Gained previous experience as an International Editor in a National News Agency, as a reporter and screenwriter in the Bulgarian National Television. Has worked on different media freedom and social empowerment projects as M100 Youth Media Workshop in Potsdam 2012 “After the Web Revolutions: New media as an instrument for change and more democracy” and “New Media Competences”, Leonardo da Vinci EU Programme. Has received journalistic fellowships, including for the Women Deliver 2013 conference,Thomson Reuters Foundation Training Course Women’s Issues, Rural poverty

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