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Edwin K.

Nairobi, Kenya

$200 - $900 / Day

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My name is Edwin Kariuki, a Videographer who produces and edits his stories. I have over ten years experience in journalism and documentary making in sub-saharan Africa region. Gear wise i use Sony XDCAM & Panasonic P2 HD cameras preferred mode is 1080i, for editing i have a Mac book pro installed with Final cut pro editing software and also and iMac 27inch for use when working in the office. I addition to that i also own basic lighting kit and audio kit which consists of a field audio mixer, boom and wireless lapel microphones. I am passionate about telling African stories to the world especially cultural and environmental stories. Sometimes i also do short features on upcoming African entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in their society. Of late, i have also been interested in people who are coming up with innovations in the science and technology sector. If admitted on the story hunters platform, these and more are the kind of stories i will be hunting for.

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