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My name is Irving Uribe Nares, I have 24 years. Location Mexico D.F. Study degree in Communication Sciences. My passion for film was a natural meeting. I decided to be self-taught, away from any dogmatic relationship. Search purity, unflinching honesty. Because I believe that nothing can decide to feel the pulse of the soul. In my relentless pursuit of purity in the stories, in the frames, in the spaces, actions and characters. I started using a blend almost invisibly between reality and fiction. This mixture can be seen immediately in each of my works. I'm interested in reality, natural proximity between space and subject. Being a subtle observer of such everyday activities as fatal. I think the documentary as pure instinctive, not like the registration of images, I prefer the power of chance, let go lightly by the given space, exposed to natural surprises. Irving Uribe Nares

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