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Nairobi, Kenya


I am Sarah Mwangi a Producer and director by profession. I am a trained award winning and skillful graduate journalist from Kenya. I have directed several stories that have aired on local channels in Kenya in both TV and radio. Some of the stories i have directed have had a remarkable impact in society as the leadership responsible has taken action to bring remedy to the problems highlighted. Other stories have also been entertaining as they showcase diversity and unique cultures for different communities in Kenya. I would like to hunt for stories that promote advocacy and social change as these are the main issues affecting people in the society i live in and also this will help develop a thriving, positive media industry that impacts people for a better Africa. Further i would like to hunt for human interest stories that present the unique Kenyan cultural diversity. Kenya has about 42 tribes and each tribe has a unique culture which is quite interesting. Telling this unique story will present the diversity there is to celebrate and unite the nation.

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