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Kelin L.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I film, edit, and produce. I am Co-Founder of Framing the Cause Pictures which produces documentary videos for international human rights, development, and social organizations. Recent clients include the United Nations, the Independent Inspection Panel of the World Bank, Aspen Institute, and the United Sates Institute of Peace. I have international filming experience in developing countries and marginalized communities in Mexico, Senegal, and Brazil. I spent three months in Brazil filming a documentary about the forced eviction and demolition of "slum" communities. I've worked on a youth media project teaching youth living in a "slum" how to produce a documentary about their lives, culture, community, and social issues they face. I also filmed for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil. I bring a variety of experience to film making. With a BA in Anthropology and a MA in International Affairs and Media Studies, I was brought to the filed of documentary through a passion for how documentary stories have the power to connect strangers, to inspire curiosity and compassion, and to affect positive social change.

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