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Portland, OR, USA


Ill be the first to admit my carbon footprint is way too big for someone worried about the fate of the global environment. Yet I believe there's no more important story, now or at any time in my life. That's why I'm a board member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, and why I'm writing a nonfiction book about climate change and social change I'm working on. Climate change and the environment stories can be both compelling and beautiful, and they're the ultimate people stories. I've covered the environment, business & politics long enough to snag three Emmys, an Edward R. Murrow award and a Columbia-duPont silver baton. While I've spent most of my career as a writer, reporter, and producer, I've starting doing my own shooting and editing. I'm still working to get steady handheld, but my eye is pretty good. I became a multimedia journalist long before it was trendy. You might've heard me on Marketplace Radio, seen my work on PBS History Detectives, and read it in everything from The Village Voice to Rupert Murdochs Boston Herald. Over the last decade, I've moved from local to national, and breaking news to documentaries.

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