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Dubai - United Arab Emirates


In my twelve years in broadcasting, I have worked both on air and in the production of television and radio on : Election roadshows, xenophobia discussion programmes, Jobs and Economy feature shows, Parliamentary debates, Mumbai Terror Attacks and more recently the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela. I love this craft. Putting together something unique, creative and memorable is what journalism is all about. I have interviewed South African President Jacob Zuma, former President Thabo Mbeki , former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda as well as ministers, leading economists, philanthropists .and mostly importantly Joe Soap, to tell tales not yet known and give a voice to those not fully exposed to this sometimes monster, the media. I am a Journalist. Love the job. I cover all types of stories but have an keen interest in covering Political stories of any nature. From Party politics, Dirty Politics !, Policy matters, Parliament and most importantly - how people are affected and influenced by it. Most of all, creative storytelling is my life passion. I am a world traveller..adventurer but usually, comfortably in front of the unblinking eye of the lens.

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