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Mariana L.

Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil


My name is Mariana, I'm a 28 years old journalist currently studying film making as an extension of my degree. My two passions are writing and cinema. I lived in Buenos Aires for 5 years, working for a Latin American TV Channel. I took script writing and video editing classes there, and also got a lot of experience in audiovisual production. Today I'm back to Brasil and looking forward to became a documentary producer and director. I have a passion for stories and would like to search for unique people of my hometown willing to tell me about how they experience life. Brazil is a very beautiful and relatively rich county, but we still struggle with a huge social gap between the poor and the wealthy here. I want to hunt for people who struggle to make their earnings and put food on their family's table. I want to now how the poor live and what they wish for. I also want them to talk about their views in politics and hear their ideas of what should be done for the world to become a place with more justice and equality. I hope to join the story hunter team and contribute with some nice material. Thanks! Mariana

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