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Ignacio D.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I'm a video editor and documentarist. I started my career at government institutions, creating or expanding Communication and Video departments, focusing on documenting stories about small business ventures in the countryside, trying to depict lifestories as well as production details. Recently I've co-founded a production company with 4 other colleagues (journalists, photographers, scriptwriters) and we are working in a cooperative line of work, trying to produce documentaries also focused in cooperative work. We are interested into becoming StoryHunters. Many of us have stories that have to do mainly with independent artists movements, from resistance to creation, street art as a form of social and political struggle. We look forward to start producing, turning these human and often neglected stories into little documentaries, and we found out StoryHunter could be more than a resourceful tool, because it has its fundamental basis on democratization of knowledge, resources and human interaction.

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