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Mary Angelica M.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


At worst a I'm a con artist, at best a raconteur. I'm also a writer and filmmaker. In Feb. 2013 I was handpicked by the Sundance Institute to participate in their inaugural Screenwriters Intensive with my feature script DOLORES. Most recently I was credited as co-director & editor of THE STATE OF ARIZONA (ITVS) about Arizonas controversial Papers, please law. Currently I write on a freelance basis for websites such as Remezcla and Warscapes about film, music, culture, politics and heavy existential stuff. I like to tell stories about and within the Latino community regarding immigration, race, gender, labor, social justice, women issues and identity. I like to explore questions in the LGBT community that deal with sexuality, shame and normalcy (how it's defined and by whom). I have interest in politics and policy, specifically how they function on an everyday level and directly impact individuals. Lastly, I have a deep appreciation for art, and love to wax philosophical about how aesthetics, technology and culture meet/collide.

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