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Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

$500 - $1200 / Day

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Passionate about my work, I’m always looking for some new ideas and collaborative projects. I work as Director-Shooter or Lighting Cameraman for broadcast tv documentaries, quality corporate movies, festivals and events. TECHNICALS SKILLS -Camera Operating: Canon C300, Sony Fs7, RED Cameras, DSLR (5d, A7s) -Dji Ronin-S (Gimbal / Image Stabilizer System) -Droning: DJI Mavic Pro & Phantom 4 Pro (ARN Number 1028163 / drone pilot public liability) -Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC KEY COMPETENCIES Producer/Director, Lighting Cameraman, Drone Pilot, Video Editor, Fixer. PERSONAL SKILLS Highly autonomous, creative and hard worker with the ability to meet deadlines under pressure, stay within the budget and to maintain high quality standards. KEYWORD SUMMARY For the last 20 years, I have collaborated on a variety of projects including award winning documentaries, tv shows, corporates movies, fashion, charity, festivals and events. I have the skills, equipment and creativity required to produce a video from start to finish for a wide range of purposes. I have shot in several countries in Europe, South America, South East Asia, West Africa, and Australia in large international productions as well as in very small teams, in town as well as in some very remote area. I’m a positive person, always in a good mood (mainly after a coffee). Extremely versatile, I am able to adapt myself to almost any type of shooting. I’m a one-man band person, in love with observational documentary film making. I work quickly, quietly and spontaneously, seeking beauty and poignance with the edit in mind. I do love to supervise a project, stay within the budget, respect an editorial line, a team, a special and unique situation. I come back from Australia, where I lived and worked intensively in the industry for the last 7 years. I speak fluent English and Spanish. My Mother tongue is French.

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