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Andrea C.

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy


I'm a indy filmmaker and documentarist. I'm from north Italy (Vicenza, near Venice) but I'm living in Naples since seven years. In Venice I obtained a Master graduation making a video-portrait about a prostitue who was living in the station ("Julì"). In Naples I've autoproduced some docu-shorts about street's life of childrens (scugnizzi), the memory of a missionary muralist, suburbs life and poverty conditions, and Romanian musicians for a collective italian documentary called "Napoli 24" (with important italian directors like Paolo Sorrentino, Pietro Marcello, Bruno Oliviero,ecc.). I've realized also some fiction's shorts and the last produced ("The neighbour") will be distribuited in some international festivals. Now I'm working about other film's themes like precariousness and solitude in the city's life, and I'm writing a docu-project about a street's clown-musician who survives making his art and lives in a little room above the building's roof.

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