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Mariana D.

Edinburgh, UK

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I majored in History, and my curiosity about people, languages and culture led me to study Visual Anthropology, Cinema and Documentary practices. In 2009, I also have a Master’s degree in 'Peacekeeping Management' at the University of Turin, Italy, where I focused my studies in media for peace-building. As a Video and Film editor, I have been working since 2010 with the post-production of different projects spanning the genres of documentary, experimental and fiction for clients such as Rede Globo, International Red Cross and Discovery Channel Latin America. I have also worked as a Multimedia Journalist, directing a series of video reports on social-cultural issues in Belgium and Italy. Recently, I graduated from a MA in Fiction Film with an Erasmus Mundus mobility Scholarship to study at different film schools in Portugal, Estonia and Scotland. In 2020, I started my PhD in Media Arts. I have been focusing on exploring the boundaries between documentary and fiction, storytelling and montage.

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