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Storyhunter Team! My name is Josh Garcia and a videojournalist and host/personality based in Los Angeles. I went to school for my degree in Environmental Science and wound up working in utility rooms as an efficiency retrofit engineer. It was a decent living but NOT what I envisioned for my life, so I made the switch to videojournalism to educate the world about our delicate planet, it's inhabitants and all that we can do to save it! No I don't have dreadlocks, but I can finally say, I LOVE WHAT I DO! And when you love what you do, you get really good at it. My favorite topics have to do with natural phenomenon and mother nature. I've covered food, travel, red carpet, natural disasters, interviews, informationals and documentaries of sorts. I even do weddings and private events to make sure rent is paid. ;) I've worked with tribes in Costa Rica, I've hunted for Glow in the Dark Mushrooms in Brazil (I look great in a beard) I've done a 1700 mile bike ride from NYC to Newfoundland, and I have a ton of super exciting new projects I'm determined to complete for 2014. No plans to slow down here! Hope you guys will consider me. High fives from LA! Josh Garcia

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