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Aluwani M.

Eldorado Park, Soweto, 1811, South Africa


My name is Aluwani Mudau, Iam 28 years of age. I'm young hip and i have a hungry brain in terms of doing a serch about History,Cuture,Human. I completed my National Certificate in Radio Production in 2007 at NEMISA. And now am involve in a Nation Digital Repository in Tri-media Journalism that has given me experience and surveying video editing, sound editing, interview Techniques and Research. My experience also includes working at Nemisa contract under NDR project for four years from 2009 to 2012. As sound operator and video editing for web. The purpose of the project is to serves to collect, preserve, promote and disseminate South Africa cultural heritage and history of our country. All content image, video, audio is under copyright by PNC&NEMISA, there for we upload the footage to the ndr project This year I was involve shooting a movie called Vha-Dowa its a venda movie for Mzansi Magic my role was there was Sound Operator(boomswinger) for three month, then three month a ago i was a traineer video editor for etv Kasi my Kasi 30minutes documentary. Iam a very hard working and dedication person to my work as always take the things with the sense of urgency

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