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Mariah C.

Washington, DC, USA


I am a multimedia communicator who is deeply interested in, engaged in and committed to my community. I like to write and talk to people. The thing I miss most about being in a newsroom everyday is the breaking news. I currently work with nonprofits on communications, marketing and engagement. The stories I'm most interested in hunting and sharing are about: the impact and causes of poverty; weird people who do interesting things; kickass women and young people; and how things work/are made. One of my goals is to own a pair of glasses someday that have a camera and microphone hidden in them so that I can share all of the awesome stuff I see. In the meantime, I try to always have some sort of video device on me. I learned documentary-style shooting, writing and editing at NYU's graduate program for documentary filmmaking. Since then, I have started experimenting with ways to use editing, graphics and animation to supplement storytelling. These are tools I hope to use in an upcoming documentary that I want to produce about the impact of incarceration on women and girls. Thank you for your time.

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