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Mohammed A.

Warsaw, Poland

$150 - $1000 / Day


Director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He was born in 1994 in Gaza, Palestine. He pursued his Bachelor and Masters degree in Film Directing at Łódź Film School in Poland. In the past few years he did film in different areas in the world such as Cuba, Palestine, Denmark, China, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland and Germany. He is an author of documentary and narrative films, including “Blacklisted” (2020), “Son Of The Streets” (2020) “Falafala” (2019), “Operation” (2018), “Where’s the Donkey” (2018), “Shujayya” (2015) and “Halawan” (2012). His films were selected and awarded at numerous film festivals around the world.

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Video Editor - Documentary
Non-Fiction Film Director

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  • Non-Fiction Film Director
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