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Kyri E.

London, UK

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$500 - $800 / Day


Kyri Evangelou is a British-born Greek Cypriot documentary filmmaker based in London whose work delves into the complexities of ethnic tension and conflict. From the haunting aftermath of the Rwandan genocide to the struggles of Palestinians and Kurds, Kyri's films unravel the complexities of human resilience. Through his work, Kyri strives to bridge cultural gaps and amplify the voices of the silenced. Kyri works for esteemed media outlets such as The Guardian, Vice News and BBC.

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Documentary DP
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News Shooter / Video Journalist
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Video Editor - News


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  • 4K Camera
  • Action Camera


  • Directional Microphone
  • Lavalier Microphone


  • External Recorder
  • Shoulder Rig

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  • Documentary DP
  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

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  • Video Editor - News
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - Commercial


  • Executive Producer