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Kristin W.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


My background is in filmmaking. I am in development of a long form documentary about transnational abandonment and immigrant women's rights. The process of creating a film is quite long and there are many stories passing by that I think need attention, so I'm eager to move more into news. I am interested in focusing on immigrant and refugee stories: struggles of undocumented immigrants, families separated by borders, refugees creating new homes, cultures shifting in a new landscape. Having lived in NYC for the past 8 years, I have worked alongside, befriended and taught people from all over the world. Their unique perspectives and struggles form an important part of our identity and chapter in our history. And, I believe their stories deserve attention from a thoughtful, open eye. I am also interesting in doing profiles on unique individuals: the Olympian back to daily life after the games, principal dancers traveling with the American Ballet Theater, the community leader behind the political machine. Giving others a glimpse of these public figures when they are not in the spotlight will provide an unseen perspective and reflect the culture that produces these roles.

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