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Vitor V.

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

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Hello! I'm a journalist and an advertising man. I have been working for several years in the production of daily news programs on Brazil's second largest TV network. I am currently coordinator of journalistic production. And now I'm investing in my own project - I recently had the opportunity to cover popular demonstrations against the Michel Temer Government in Brazil for the Russian TV network (RT - Russia Today) as a reporter and video journalist. In 2015 I participated in the production of a web documentary for the Minorias channel, on Youtube, as an interviewer and videographer. In 2012 I produced and directed the documentary "Sí, yo puedo! - The Bolivian dream in São Paulo", which addresses Bolivian immigration between the harsh reality of his country and the dream of a better life in the largest Brazilian city. In addition, I produced some professional projects as special reporting series. I have a real passion for documentaries and unknown stories. Real people have a lot to teach. Their stories have to be told.

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