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Brooklyn, NY, USA


HI, My name is Matt Proctor and I'm a freelance videographer, writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. I was referred to your company by Shibani Balsaver, with whom I recently worked on a couple of shoots for Unicef. I have a background in many different kinds of storytelling, from fiction and poetry to theatre and film, and have a real passion for getting to know people and assembling narratives through oral and on-camera storytelling. One of the things I'm passionate and curious about are the effects of gentrification on native residents of a place, and certainly Brooklyn in the early 2010s is rife with its effects. I'd like to do a series of stories on the people who live here now, how their neighborhoods are changing beneath their feet, but also film their lives and customs as they are now so we have some record of them before they're gone. For instance, I live next door to Baptist Church in Park Slope. Every Summer they bus in kids from the South to hand out water and lemonade on the corner. I would love to see how their experience of the city may differ from mine. I also worked in restaurants for a while and would love to do a story about the lives of foodworkers in NYC.

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