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Burbank, CA, USA


Hi, My name is Jillian Arnold. I am a cinematographer from Chicago who lives in Los Angeles. I love human interest stories about courageous individuals who overcome impossible odds. I have an undergraduate degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate degree from Chapman University under the guidance of Bill Dill, ASC. After school, I became a camera operator/cinematographer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA in Pasadena California.  My first mission was the 2008 Mars Phoenix Lander, a successful mission to the north pole of Mars. My work with the Mars program continued with several projects including parachute, mobility, drop and rocket testing. Along with TV ops engineer, Cory Borst, I developed the high resolution, high speed, 3D shooting product that is in place today for image analysis engineering tests. On August 5th, 2012, I participated as the lead camera operator for the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity rover. Curiositys feat of landing a rover the size of a mini cooper on Mars is said to be a mission

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