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Adam R.

Copenhagen, Denmark


I'm a journalist on the paper, a documentary film maker by heart and freelance video journalist doing corporate films for major danish companies and NGO's by necessity. I started doing documentary films on my own 7 years ago and have been working freelance as director and video journalist since then. I set out to make a difference covering social and ethical issues. I have made documentary projects about outcasts, disabled children, electric cars, troubled and lonely youth and social entrepreneurs. For the time beeing I work mostly on a freelance basis for production companies and danish tv. But I also have my own production company with a collegue where we strive to produce both documentary and high end corporate films. The stories I would like to make for Storyhunter is the kind of documentaries/portraits that I often get inspired to do on my own around my city/region, like the one about a social entrepreneus fight to establish mobile fixing rooms for the junkies in Copenhagen. I have always wanted to give a voice to minorities in our society, that don't have the means to present their own case or the people who fight for them.

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