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Pedro T.

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


My name is Pedro D.T. Pinto, I'm a cinematographer, film maker and camera operator. I've started my career as film maker back 2008 whilst studying in Melbourne, Australia. Since then I've had the chance to work in a range of projects; TV commercials, documentaries, music videos, virals, corporates, music festivals and short films, for companies such as Jeep, Dodge,, Nike, Medibank, Virgin Mobile, Triple J and ABC. I've also collaborated with renowned production companies; Liquid Creations, Nice Bike, Photoplay Films, Vevatv and Hybrid Cinema. My knowledge on creative techniques and the ability to quickly capture detail has lead to an ever-changing range of styles and looks, each suited to the specific requirements of the projects visual story. I'm interested on stories that focuses on the social changes to the less fortunate people and how they overcome the difficulties in their lives to make a better place within their community. I also own a a range of camera equipments suited to tell stories that matter with a cinematic style.

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