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Barbara W.

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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hello, I am a producer/director/filmmaker/visual storyteller. My heart work is in cultural documentaries, both long and short form. I learned my craft working in public television and then as an independent. I like finding stories that give voice to issues through intimate encounters with everyday people. I like to understand complex stories and focus them into accessible pieces. As people tell me their stories and share their intimate feelings, I understand that these stories can change the world. I think there is no more powerful form of connecting than visual storytellingconnecting truth, ideas and the essence of what it means to be a human being in a broken world. I am an intrepid maker. I have 28 years experience and have learned how to respectfully and kindly not take no for an answer. I am particularly attracted to social justice issues involving women, youth and cultural identity. I have a great interest in culture and the arts, the environment and relationships between disparate groups of people. The stories I seek are usually about resiliency and how people make chaos into order or not. I have a Canon c-100 camera and can go anywhere with it.

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  • August • 2021

    Barbara was fantastic to work with! She really understood the story we were trying to tell, and helped us gather the right interviews and footage to tell it. I highly recommend working with Barbara on your projects!

    Paula at More Perfect Union
  • October • 2016

    Barbara was fantastic. She went above and beyond to deliver exactly what I had asked for, and then some. I would highly recommend her as a fixer.

    Shadi at AJPlus
  • April • 2021

    Barbara was great! She made the subject feel at ease while asking personal questions but was also able to get all the shots we needed.

    Claire at Business Insider

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