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Ryan S.

Milwaukee, WI, USA


For the past decade Ryan Sarnowski has worked as an artist and educator. Ryan's first feature, "Passing the Baton: The Joe Sims Milwaukee Striders Story", aired on Wisconsin Public Television and he is currently working on his second feature length documentary "Last of the Lawsonomists". He also is Co-Director of doc|UWM, a documentary center based at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he has worked with students to produce over 120 short films. Ryan holds an MFA from UWM in Film Production and a BFA from Florida State University. Ryan enjoys tell stories of common people living uncommon lives. He strives to understand the social implications of his characters as they accomplish something seemingly ordinary but circumstantially difficult or change the world in their own way. Ryan comes from a background in both traditional and experimental forms of visual storytelling. Ryan aspires to incorporate more art into his documentaries while staying true to its subject. He believes unexpected visuals complement a films stories and themes while creating a unique way for viewers to engage with them. He is applying through POV to accelerate the approval process.

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