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Sarah F.

New York, NY, USA


A French-speaking multimedia journalist, I have been covering stories in India, Africa, France and North America and I would be thrilled to be a Storyhunter. I currently am a graduate student at New York University. I am passionate about hidden stories about seemingly normal people who are faced with extraordinary experiences, life stories or surprising things to tell. Being able to tell those stories is precisely what excites me about Storyhunter. As a one-woman-band field producer, videographer and photographer, I simultaneously photograph and film as I enjoy mixing mediums in my videos. Currently I am producing a project featuring different video portraits of women across the US, telling their personal stories to illustrate larger issues. My professional experiences have helped me to become an open-minded and curious reporter. I have interned at several television production companies in France and India. The time I spent in India particularly trained me to work, research, film, edit and adapt to almost any situation by myself and as part of a team. This experience also reinforced my passion for social issues, something that I believe would benefit in becoming a Storyhunter

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