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Erika B.

West Hollywood, CA, USA


I am a visual anthropologist with a passion for storytelling and raising awareness to issues of human rights and environmental justice. While working towards an M.A., I made short films including a testimony piece exploring the life of Billie Jean, a transexual escort, and 'Good Neighbors', a film about a coffee morning for the elderly community. For my thesis, I created a mixed media ethnography and exhibition in Los Angeles, charting the social and material changes of revitalizing the Los Angeles River. I am currently working on a film project telling the story of a young Buddhist from New Orleans, exploring the complexities of meshing an urban lifestyle and a buddhist practice. I also work as the videographer/editor/photographer for a Hollywood based artist & musician networking web series called 'Is My Shit Tight?'. I am interested in stories that deal with the complexities of globalization, whether it is the affects of global trade, or the social dynamics of a multicultural urban community. I speak some French, Spanish and Portuguese. My passion for cultural studies begins with family immigrated to America from Mozambique (I have dual American/Portuguese citizenship).

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