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Sami A.

Sana, Yemen


Videojournalist (Cameraman/Editor and Producer) / Documentary Filmmaker, Sana'a-Yemen. #Working Experience: An extensive experience in covering news events, including breaking news, and news and feature stories in Arabic and English, from 2006 to 2014, for several news agencies and TV channels. - Sky New Arabia cameraman/editor and producer (present) - AFP Videojournalist in Yemen. - Global Post as videojournalist, Yemen. - CNN as videographer, editor and producer, Yemen. - RT (Russia Today English) as cameraman, editor and producer in Sanaa. - ARD "Das Erste" Germany’s joint television network as cameraman and Editor in Yemen. - ARTE (French TV) as Cameraman and Editor in Yemen. - UNHCR in cooperation with Eye Works Dinamo, Norroway as Producer/Director (produced 1 hour raw documentary about Somali Refugees). - Aljazeera English as cameraman / editor in Yemen - BBC Arabic as cameraman, editor & provider in Yemen. - Reuters (TV), Yemen Office, as Camera/Edit. -Contributed to German Press Agency (DPA), Arabic Desk, as a text reporter

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