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Adolfo G.

Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico


I just graduated from university with a degree in audio and visual production. I sold my car to buy some equipment and start my own career as a videomaker here in Mexico city. Now i'm working in the most important documentary film festival in Mexico named "Ambulante" and i've been colaborating with this festival since 2009, working as a production coordinator and recording video for "making off" and interviews with guests from many parts of the world. I've traveled from north to south of my country and i've seen tons of great stories waiting for someone to capture them with a camera and now i want to start telling this stories from my own perspective. Working in Ambulante has been a great chance to familiarize with the lenguage of documentary films, and i have developed a true passion for this kind of films, from political or massive events to very particular characters in society, i think there's always a great way to tell the story. Cheers!

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