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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Grace Tan-Johannes, also credited Grace Susetyo, is an Indonesian independent journalist and documentary writer, researcher, director and producer. Currently an associate producer for the Jakarta based Studio Amarana, Grace has worked with Our Better World, VICE Asia, MBDC Media, Visi8, Wikimedia Indonesia, South China Morning Post, CIFOR (Landscape News and Forests News) and the Jakarta Globe. Grace has over 12 years experience telling stories about travel, culture, food, music, art, history, activism, social enterprise and inspiring people with noteworthy contributions to the world. Grace is passionate about representing Indonesia in stories for a global audience, where she amplifies the stories of minorities, indigenous communities, those directly affected by climate change and changemakers who are making good happen in their communities. Grace's talents are far and wide, but she primarily identifies as a writer and a voice of her own. Having prior training in broadcasting, Grace's career started in the Jakarta Globe/Berita Satu newsroom where she had been both a magazine reporter and a television news reporter. Grace has subsequently branched out to writing, directing and producing documentaries and multimedia productions, as well as appearing as a talent in video productions, audiobooks and podcasts. Grace has a master's degree in Development Studies from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Grace is an associate of the British humanitarian consultancy United Edge, which provides Justice Based Approach trainings to NGOs around the world. When not working, Grace enjoys boxing, biking, swimming, cooking, baking, listening to podcasts and curating exceptional Spotify playlists. An avid Indonesian handmade textile collector, Grace volunteers in Indonesian craft collectives such as Meet The Makers and Kain Kita. Grace has performed in community theatre before and has a soft spot for all things music and art. Her dream is to produce personal documentary series about remaking her Rotinese ancestors heirloom ikat, about the indigenous food revivals and fusion cuisine innovation in Eastern Indonesia, and about sailing the Malay Realm in traditional Indonesian vessels.

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