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Ntokozo M.

Johannesburg, South Africa


My media background started in 1998 when I co-founded a community Radio station called Barberton Community Radio in Barberton South Africa.I got bored with radio and in 2001 the filmmaking bug caught me hence I enrolled at Newtown Film&TV School in Johannesburg.Completed in 2004, freelanced and founded own company in 2008 when I made my first documentary film titled Tribes and Clans, film that looks at the genesis of Tribalism in South Africa.Most my films come out of my personal experience,observation,family tradition and most importantly from my heritage as a South African. A crucial component for me is to address what it is to be living at a certain moment in history and what our heritage and history mean to us as South Africans.My work represents observational, character driven and investigative documentary kind of film.I'm inspired by people whose minds are constantly creating,actions revolutionary.

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