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Cristian N.

Berlin, Germany


I have studied Digital Media in Berlin. That was 10 years ago. Now I am working as a Videographer for different companies. But what I really love to do, is telling stories that are not shown on mass media. I've done some Videos for youtube, just to tell the world what is happening in germany. I'm talking about racism here. About refugees living isolated for 15 years with their hole families. About Nazis protesting in Dresden, while other blocking their route. At the moment I'm watching a trial. A black man died in prison in 1996. He burned alive, while his hands an feeds where chained. The police said, he light the fire himself with a lighter. He was lying on a fireproof mattress. The trial is about to finish in about 4 Weeks. At the end no one will be call to a account. I am in contact with friends of the victim and the applicants. My native language is german, but I speak spanish at home. My english is good enough to talk to some friends.

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