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Brendan Z.

State College, PA, USA


I am currently a senior at the Pennsylvania State University, from where I intend to graduate in May with a degree in Telecommunications (with a focus in production) and a minor in Business. I am 22 years old and grew up in Lansdale, PA, about 30 miles from Philadelphia. I am a very passionate and caring person and love to be around and interact with all kinds of people. In terms of stories, I am constantly searching for and researching stories of all types. However, I always find myself drawn to those that deal with culture, the environment, and human rights the most. I get extremely passionate about these three topics and am always looking to stay informed and find out what is going on with these topics in the world around me. I think that these topics really hit home for just about everyone in some way or another and tend to get a lot of reactions out of viewers. If given the opportunity, I would love to work on projects where we could bring these issues to light even more and make people more aware of what is happening around them on a daily basis.

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